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3m3 Concrete Batching Plant

  • 6 Months Warranty of Spare Parts

  • 6 Months

  • Construction

  • ISO

  • Customized

  • Automatic

  • JSIE180HZ

  • Nude

  • 3m3 mixing bin

  • JSIE

  • China

  • 8474310000

  • 1000PCS Per Year

Key Specifications / Features

Item Configuration Specification Producing area Qty Unit
1. Batcher Mixing Bin 3m3 CHINA 1 Pcs
Measuring hopper Stone2400kg±2%
Sand1600 kg±2%
Aggregate hopper bracket CHINA 1 Pc
Cylinder 100x300/250 AIRTAC 12 Pcs
Load cell 2000kg TOLEDO 4 Pcs
Vibrator MVE300/3 CHINA 4 Pcs
Vibrator MVE200/3 CHINA 2 Pcs
Driving system 11kW CHINA 1 Pc
Distribute belt B10x800 CHINA 1 Pc
Support roller CHINA 1 Set
Cleaner Alloy B800 CHINA 1 Set
2. Belt conveyor Driving system 37KW CHINA 1 Pc
Flat belt B10x800 CHINA 1 Pc
Frame CHINA 1 Set
Tense device CHINA 1 Set
Water washing system Include water pump
Feeding hopper CHINA 1 Set
Stop switch CHINA 2
Support roller CHINA 1 Set
Cleaner CHINA 1 Set
3. Mixer JS2000C JS2000C CHINA 1 Set
Cover CHINA 1 Pcs
4. Mixing tower Transition hopper CHINA 1 Pcs
Mixing layer CHINA 1 Set
Air cylinder Φ100X250 AIRTAC 2 Pcs
Upper bracket CHINA 1 Set
Stairs walkway CHINA 1 Set
Vibrator MVE200/3 CHINA 1 Set
Discharge hopper CHINA 1 Pc
Transition hopper CHINA 1 Set
External packing Colorful steel plate CHINA 1 Set
5. Water metering system Water metering box 500kg±1% CHINA 1 Set
Load cell 1000kg TOLEDO 1 Pc
Submerged pump QY25-26 CHINA 1 Pc
Pipe line CHINA 1 Set
Pneumatic butterfly valve Φ150 GUOTAI 1 Set
6. Cement metering system Metering bin 1200kg±1% CHINA 1 Pc
Load cell 1000kg TOLEDO 3 Pc
Pneumatic butterfly valve Φ300 SICOMA 1 Pc
Vibrator MVE100/3 CHINA 1 Pc
7. Fly ash metering system Metering bin 400kg±1% CHINA 1 Pc
Load cell 500kg TOLEDO 3 Pc
Pneumatic butterfly valve Φ250 SICOMA 1 Pc
Vibrator MVE100/3 CHINA 1 Pc
8. Additive metering system Measuring tube 30kg±1% CHINA 2 Pc
Load cell 200kg TOLEDO 2 Pc
Additive pump QX6-25-1.1(Stainless) CHINA 2 Pc
Pneumatic butterfly valve Φ50 GUOTAI 2 Set
Pipe line CHINA 2 Set
9. Pneumatic system Air compressor TA-120 11KW FUSHENG 1 Set
Air line system CHINA 1 Set
Solenoid valve AIRTAC 1 Set
Three connector G1 AIRTAC 2 Pc
Single connector G1 AIRTAC 1 Pc
Air storage tank 1.0/1.0-0.125/1.0 FUSHENG 1 Set
10. Control system Control cabinet CHINA 1 Set
Control room 4×2.2×2.5m CHINA 1 Set
Air conditioning 1.5P GREE
IPC Dual-Core 810B EVOC 1 Set
LCD 19″ AOC 1 Set
Contactor, auto-switch CHINA 1 Set
Relay CHINA 1 Set
PLC S7-200 SIEMENS 1 Set
Electric control assistant part CHINA 1 Set
Printer EPSON 1 Set
Cable and accessories
11. Powder supply system Screw conveyor Φ273 CHINA 4 Pcs
Powder silo accessory Filter/ level meter/ break arch/manual butterfly valve/safety valve CHINA 4 Set
Cement silo 100T
(sheet style)
12. External packing & monitor Full closed, pack the mixing tower and belt conveyor with colorful steel plate, protect the environment, clean and beauty CHINA 1 Set



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