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Car Carrier Trailer/Car Trailer High Quality and Hot Sales Car Carrier

  • Semi-Trailer

  • 30T

  • 12450 mm + 1310 mm

  • 1840mm

  • Heavy Duty

  • Mechanical Suspension

  • Skeleton

  • 2

  • 8+1spare

  • Not Self-dumping

  • No ABS Anti-lock Braking System

  • Steel

  • New

  • Designed for Transporting Car, SUV.

  • Nude

  • 16400*2480*2800mm

  • JSIE

  • China

  • 8716391000

  • 1000units/Year

Car Carrier Semi-Trailer for 6 Cars
The trailer is designed for transporting Car, SUV.
Length: 16400 mm
Width: 2480 mm
Height: 2800 mm @ unload.
King Pin Location: 1200 mm from the front face of the front bolster.
Axle spacer: 12450 mm + 1310 mm
Fifth Wheel Height: 1240 mm
Tare Weight : 6,850 kg±4%
Max. Payload: 30,000 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight(GVW): 36,850 kg
King Pin Distribution: 14,298 kg
Axle Group Distribution: 22,552 kg
Main Parts Configuration:
King Pin: 2" welding king pin. Brand: JOST.
Landing Gear: Fuwa 19", 28 T. right side operating.
Suspension: Mechanical suspension with 7 pieces of leaf spring, 4 pieces are full length.
Axles: 150x150 square axle with 13 tons capacity. Brand: Fuwa.
Rims: 8.25*22.5. 10 Holes ISO, 8 pieces + 1 piece spare.
Tires: 11R22.5 8pieces + 1 piece spare, horn strip.
Brake System: Dual air brake system, no ABS brake system.
Brake chamber: 30/30 type on rear two axles, 30 type on front axle.
Electrical System: 24 volt lighting system with modular wiring harness.
Steel Structure:
Material: High strength low alloy steel with 350 MPa yield strength is used for welded I-beam and fabricated parts.
Main Beams: 500 mm deep x 146 mm wide x 6 mm web welded I-section main beams.
Spare Tire & Carrier: Equipped one set per chassis, on left.
Side Guard: Standard.
Hook and Hole: 7 hooks and stick holes on each side of the platform.
Tool Box: Equipped one set with tools.
Painting: Color, Blue.
Marking: No Chinese character showed, "LONG VEHICLE" sign on the rear end.



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