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Foton 4*2 Fuel Truck

  • Automatic

  • Diesel

  • 15ton

  • Euro 2

  • 15L

  • 4×2

  • JS9360GYY

  • 3

  • 190HP

  • 7L

  • Oil


  • Radial

  • New

  • Nude

  • 7980* 2496*3630mm

  • JSIE

  • China

  • 8705909990

  • 5000units/Year

1.The fuel transport truck can adopt multiple chassis at home and abroad.
2.The fuel transport truck adopts top quality steel plate which supplied by WISCO, the tanker shape is side circular or ellipse.
3.The body adopts the advanced welding technology ,and will test the tightness by high pressure gas after the tanker shaped.
4.The stainless steel plate of alcohol tanker and chemical tanker is import from South Korea, the thickness are 4mm,5mm,6mm and 8mm.
5.The plastic lining of the sulphuric acid ,hydrochloric acid or liquid caustic tanker adopt once-molded technology, the thickness is 12mm-16mm.
6.The tanker adopts shot blasting technology after the tanker shaped, in order to remove and resist the rust.Adpot advanced baking finish technology,better surface performance.
7.Oil pumps:self-priming pump,gear pump,centrifugal pump and stainless steel pump.
8.We could also produce various heating and insulation series tanker to according to client's requirements.
9.Oil gauge: single counts, double counts ,tax control oiling machine and edible oil computer control counts.
10.Remark:Chemical liquid tanker are:Plastic tanker(hydrochloric acid),Carbon steel tanker(caustic soda,coal tar,concentrated sulfuric acid and alcohol),Stainless steel tanker (aquae hydrogenii dioxide, methylbenzene and glacial acetic acid),Inside plastic lining tanker (hydrofluoric acid and hydrochloric acid),Aluminium tanker (hydrogen nitrate).
Chassis mode Chassis brand Driving system Capacity(m3) Rated loading weight(kg) Total weight(kg) Curb weight(kg)
BJ1043V9JE6-MS Foton 4×2 2.25-5 1500 4400 2705
EQ1040TJ20D3 Dongfng 4×2 2.15-5 1500,1435 4495 2865
BJ1083VDJFA Foton 4×2 4.5-8 3000 8495 5300
EQ1110GLJ Dongfeng 4×2 8.5-15 5000 11495 6300
Foton 4*2 Fuel Truck
Foton 4*2 Fuel Truck
Foton 4*2 Fuel Truck
Foton 4*2 Fuel Truck
Foton 4*2 Fuel Truck
Foton 4*2 Fuel Truck
Foton 4*2 Fuel Truck
Foton 4*2 Fuel Truck
Foton 4*2 Fuel Truck




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