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Heavy Duty Crawler Bulldozer Suitable for The Most Demanding Applications

  • Special Type

  • Hydraulic Transmission

  • Crawler

  • Front Discharge

  • 131kw

  • ISO9001: 2000

  • JSIE4661L

  • New

  • Yellow

  • Suitable for The Most Demanding Applications.

  • Nude

  • 6215x3416x3060mm

  • JSIE

  • China

  • 8429119000

  • 1000unit/Year

Technical features:
The power system adopts an electronically controlled high pressure common rail turbocharged engine, and the emission meets the requirements of the country's three stages; the matching performance with the hydraulic torque converter is good, and the speed range of the high efficiency zone is wide. According to the road surface resistance, the distance can be automatically changed within a certain range. With power shift gearbox, get the best output power to meet different operating conditions.
Blade blade wear resistance, standard straight shovel, optional U-shaped shovel, angle shovel.
The operating device is hydraulically driven, simple in structure, sensitive and reliable.
Track wear resistance is good.
The walking system adopts the balance beam suspension method, which can be used on rough and uneven grounds.
The cab has good shock absorption and comfortable ride. Optional heating and air conditioning.
The use of hydraulic power, easy to operate.
Hexahedron driver's cab, sealing, noise reduction effect, open vision.
The electric system adopts the indicator alarm detection method, which is intuitive and reliable.
Performance parameter

Type Item unit Specification
Engine Model WP10G178E355
Rated speed r/min 1850
Rated power Kw 131
Walking Speed Forward gear I 0~3.1 0~3.8
II 0~5.47 0~6.6
III 0~9.07 0~10.6
Reverse gear I 0~4.03 0~4.9
II 0~7.12 0~8.5
III 0~11.81 0~13.6
Dimension(L*W*H) Basic type (straight shovel) Mm 5188x3416x3060
With ripper and anti-rollover (trident) Mm 6215x3416x3060
Dozer blade
Blade width Mm 3416
Blade height Mm 1168
Blade maximum tilt Mm >427
Single shovel capacity M3 4.5
Other performance parameter Minimum ground clearance Mm 400
Use weight (without ripper) Kg 17100
Ground pressure Mpa 0.065
Minimum turning radius Mm 3100
Gradeability ° 30
Productivity (theoretical distance 40M) Productivity (theoretical distance 40M) M3/h 270



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