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Isuzu 4*2 Fire Truck with 2000L-4000L Water Tank

  • Automatic

  • Diesel

  • 11-20t

  • Euro 5

  • 4×2

  • 4-6L

  • ISUZU 100P

  • ≤5

  • 98HP


  • Radial

  • Front Lifting Style

  • New

  • Left Hand Driving

  • Nude

  • 6500*2300*3000 mm

  • JSIE

  • China

  • 8704223000

  • 2000units/Year

Technical Specification
  • Chassis:
› Type: ISUZU 100P chassis
› Drive system: 4x2 Left hand drive
› Engine: 98 HP 4JB1CN Euro4
› Gearbox: Manual MSB 5-speed
› Tyre: 7.00R16
› Crew cabin: Single cabin
› Seats capacity: 2 person

  • Extinguishing agent tank:
Water tank: 4,000 L
Tank material: High quality carbon stell plate
Tank Manhole: DN500mm

  • Extinguishing system:
Fire pump: CB10/20 with 20L/s at 1.0MPa, normal pressure centrifugal pump
Fire monitor: PS20
Monitor throw: Water throw50meter,
Rotation: 360º rotation; elevation: 0-80°, depression -10°
Water Pumper Inlet Diameter 1*100 mm
Water Pumper Outlet Diameter 2*65 mm

  • Proportioning system:
Type: PH48
Normal pressure proportioning ratio: 6%

  • Equipment compartment:
LED lighting in equipment compartment
Each compartment closed by light aluminum roller shutter.
Including customer-specific additional equipment
According to human body engineering principle design all kinds of equipment frames
1-2 action can take any equipment standing on the ground or pedal

  • Painting:
Fire Red: R03 Fire Red
Logo: According to customer wish
Operation Manual: English or Appointed langauge

  • Dimensions & weight:
L × W × H =6500*2300*3000 mm
Permissible total weight: 7,300 kg

FREE Fire accessories
No Item Photo No Item Photo
1 Water Suction Pipe
12 Extinguisher
2 Water strainer
13 Fire Fighting Barrel
3 Water segregator
14 DC switching gun
4 Water collector
15 DC blossom water
5 Fire hose
(Ø65* 20m)
16 Air foam gun
6 Fire hose
(Ø80* 20m)
17 Fireman's axe
7 Fast joint
18 Fire Axe
8 Hose protector 19 Fire Shovel
9 Hose Hoist 20 First Aid Kit
10 Ground Hydrant-wrench 21 Jacklight For Working
(10Hours, 500m)
11 Underground Hydrant-wrench 22 Suction pipe wrench
With above equipment, your fire vehicle can put into fire-fighting immediately!




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