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Small Scale Wheel Excavator

  • Wheel Excavator

  • Mining Excavator and Marine Excavator

  • Shovel

  • Hydraulic Transmission

  • Internal Combustion Drive

  • 0.1~0.5m³

  • JSIE80S

  • Small-Scale

  • ISO9001: 2000

  • New

  • Durable Body &Fuel Efficiency

  • Nude Packing

  • 5400*2100*2970mm

  • JSIE

  • China

  • 8429521100

  • 1000unit/Year

Wheel excavator is a common type of excavator. Compared with tracked excavators, it has the characteristics of mobility and flexibility. It is a good hand for urban construction and a tire-walking construction machine. The wheel excavator is suitable for high-speed and long-distance self-transition. Generally, the speed can reach 30-35KMH. With its flexible features, it can quickly replace a variety of operating devices without damaging the characteristics of the road surface and it is also suitable for hard road construction. Wheel excavators are used in urban tap water, municipal utilities, pipeline maintenance engineering, civil engineering, industrial material handling, excavation tunnels, water conservancy projects, urban demolition and so on.

80S Wheel Excavator Features:

.Full-hydraulic automatic transmission for walking, convenient and easy to operate
.Powered by high-quality internal brand engine to ensure low fuel consumption, strong power and high reliability
South Korea imported multi-way valve, advanced and reliable hydraulic system
The entire car body uses high quality steel, firm and reliable, more durable
The oil line of the breaker and the supporting control device have been installed. Replace the breaker and use it immediately.
.Air-conditioned luxury cab, spacious, comfortable seats, soundproofing

Performance parameter:
Range of operation
Boom length: 3030mm-3475mm
Arm length: 1860mm
Maximum Digging Reach: 6080mm
Maximum Digging Depth: 3380mm
Maximum Digging Force: 45KN
Maximum Digging Height: 6160mm
Maximum Dump Height: 4000mm-4650mm
Back end radius of gyration: 1750mm

(Length* width *height)travel position: 5400*2100*2970mm
Wheel base:2560mm
Ground clearance of counterweight:1050mm
Minimum ground clearance:220mm

Tech performance and specification
Angle of rotation: 360°
Machine weight:6200kg
Engine model:YN36GB2/YC4F60Z
Rated Power:50KW/43KW
Rated Speed:2200r/min
Hydraulic system working pressure:21Mpa
Hydranlic system flow:126L/min
Metering gear pump:63ml/r
Maximum Hauling force:45KN
Maximum Walking speed:25km/h
Tyre model:750.16
Volume Of Bucket:0.2-0.3m³
Revolution Overdrive Pressure:16Mpa
Full circle swinging time:5.5s
Fqt Fuel Quantity:>=4L/h
Capacity Of The Fuel Tank:130L
Hydraulic Tank Capacity:110L



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